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    Professional, confidential service is vital in counseling, and my 25 years of experience will help me to provide that to you and your loved ones.


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25+ years experience

Friendly care for children and teens

Children and teens think differently than adults do, and therefore require a different approach to counseling. You can depend on me to connect with your children, though, thanks to my experience working with them and ability to cultivate an environment of friendliness and cooperation.

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A strong family comes from communication

A family is more than just a collection of relatives; it is a unit that provides strength to its members and support as they all face daily challenges. Many family problems come from poor communication, but I can help. You'll see during family counseling that I can help family members heal their relationships while forging a stronger family bond.

Strengthen your marital bonds

We all know that marriage requires a strong commitment and plenty of effort, but sometimes it is beneficial to work through issues with the help of a third party. I provide a fair, impartial, experienced ear and can use many strategies to assist couples as they work toward a bond that is stronger than ever.

Divorce without unnecessary bitterness

While divorce can certainly be an unpleasant thing, that doesn't mean that bitterness and anger have to rule over the process. If you are interested in a process that doesn't require an adversarial approach with your spouse, allow me to assist with a collaborative divorce that will help make the transition better for everyone, especially the children.
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